Taking It Higher

2011 Hit pop single

Orlando Perez alongside guest ML is ready to light up the dancefloors of the UK with 'Taking It Higher', the debut single due for release in May 2011. Raised both Stateside and in the Caribbean, Orlando is no stranger to the music industry, with a long career as a DJ, producer and singer-songwriter, spanning the UK, the Caribbean and the US Orlando draws his influences from his American and Puerto Rican heritage as well as his adopted home, the UK, but he is more familiar with the Caribbean circuit, performing to crowds of thousands at national events and in the scorching sun at Carnival time. Now he brings his inimitable style and varied musical experience to the UK club scene, with a summer club banger that combines soulful vocals with a thumping bass and catchy melody that will be blasting out from car stereos up and down the country. This is due to be the summer sizzler, be sure to get it on your playlist first!

Get it now on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/taking-it-higher-single/id439321342

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